Purpose built tools for those who confront critical incidents everyday

Shieldspike LLC was founded in 2011. Our mission was to create and offer new tools for law enforcement and military personnel that facilitate safe and efficient breaching operations during critical situations.



The Shieldspike (TM) and the Hammerspike (TM) are two vehicle assault tools that were built out of operational necessity. Traditionally, tactical teams use breaching tools that were never truly designed for dealing with tempered vehicle window glass. These tools are efficient, easy to wield in the tactical environment and work seamlessly with ballistic shields. The Shieldspike (TM) and Hammerspike (TM) allow the operator to incorporate the protection that a ballistic shield has to offer with the technology to punch through vehicle windows.

Our Hammerspike XL Break N Rake represents everything a breacher needs to defeat structure glass. Designed by operators, this innovative and aggressive design allows for ample standoff, instant one hit penetration and blinds or curtain removal.
The Shieldspike and the Hammerspike line of breaching tools provide first responders and tactical teams a greater sphere of influence through rapid positive vehicle and structure glass penetration.
Whether it is a first responder extricating a trapped motorist or a tactical team serving a high risk search warrant, Shieldspike LLC has proven efficient solutions to meet the most demanding situations.